7th/8th grade band

Brass Videos:
How to buzz a brass mouthpiece video
Oiling Trumpet Valves Video
Greasing slides video
Holding the trombone properly video

Woodwind videos:
Flute Embouchure video
Clarinet Embouchure basics video
Clarinet Crossing the Break video
Saxophone Embouchure Basics video

Percussion videos:
Matched grip video
How to play a drum roll video
Buzz roll (Multiple bounce stroke) video​​​

Learning Targets:
1.) Rhythm & Time Signature:
      Rhythm flash cards.pdf
      Rhythm flash cards eighth.pdf
      Rhythm flash cards dotted.pdf
2.) Notes & Key Signature:
      Treble Clef flash cards.pdf
      Bass Clef flash cards.pdf
3.) Articulation & Dynamics:
      Articulationdynamics study guide.pdf
4.) Signs & Symbols:
     Signs & Symbols study guide.pdf
     Staff Elements and Symbols.pdf
5.) Tone Quality:
      Tone Quality.pdf

Kahoot games:
D4 LT1: BB Rhythm 
D4 LT2: BB Treble Clef Note Names
D4 LT2: BB Bass Clef Note Names

D4 LT1: BB Rhythms
D4 LT2: BB Treble Clef note names
D4 LT2: Bass Clef Note Names

Assignments & Recordings:
19 Hot Cross Buns - Full Performance.m4a
20. Go Tell Aunt Rhodie.m4a
23. Merrily We Roll Along - Full Performance.m4a
27. Good King Wenceslas.m4a
34. The Frog's Song — Round.m4a
39. Russian Folk Song — Duet.m4a
Jingle Bells — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
Jolly Old St. Nicholas — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
The Dreidel Song — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
48 Kwanzaa Celebration — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
47. Baja Breeze.m4a
54. Rio Con Brio.m4a
58. Boil the Cabbage Down — Duet.m4a
65. I've Just Come From Sydney.m4a
71. Skill Builder_ Donkey Riding.m4a
72. Theme from _The Nutcracker_.m4a
78. Skill Builder.m4a
82. Orpheus in the Underworld_.m4a
84. Crescent Moon Rising.m4a
85. Skill Builder.m4a
92. Skill Builder.m4a
117 March Across the Seas.m4a
118 Procession from _Water Music_.m4a
119 Banana Boat Song.m4a
120 Indigo Rock.m4a