6th grade band

Welcome to the Edison 6th grade band page!

Beginning Band Bootcamp videos:
Beginning Band Bootcamp by Jamie Rottle.docx

Brass Videos:
How to buzz a brass mouthpiece video
Oiling Trumpet Valves Video
Greasing slides video
Holding the trombone properly video

Woodwind videos:
Flute Embouchure video
Clarinet Embouchure basics video
Clarinet Crossing the Break video
Saxophone Embouchure Basics video

Percussion videos:
Matched grip video
How to play a drum roll video
Buzz roll (Multiple bounce stroke) video​​​

Learning Targets:
1.) Rhythm & Time Signature:
      Rhythm flash cards.pdf
      Rhythm flash cards eighth.pdf
      Rhythm flash cards dotted.pdf
2.) Notes & Key Signature:
      Treble Clef flash cards.pdf
      Bass Clef flash cards.pdf
3.) Articulation & Dynamics:
      Articulationdynamics study guide.pdf
4.) Signs & Symbols:
     Signs & Symbols study guide.pdf
     Staff Elements and Symbols.pdf
5.) Tone Quality:
      Tone Quality.pdf

Kahoot games:
D4 LT1: BB Rhythm 
D4 LT2: BB Treble Clef Note Names
D4 LT2: BB Bass Clef Note Names

D4 LT1: BB Rhythms
D4 LT2: BB Treble Clef note names
D4 LT2: Bass Clef Note Names

Assignments & Recordings:
Getting started successfully!.pdf 
Beginning Band Bootcamp by Jamie Rottle.docx     
5 Moving Around (page 6).m4a 
12. Cuckoo.m4a
19 Hot Cross Buns - Full Performance.m4a
20. Go Tell Aunt Rhodie.m4a
23. Merrily We Roll Along - Full Performance.m4a
27. Good King Wenceslas.m4a
34. The Frog's Song — Round.m4a
39. Russian Folk Song — Duet.m4a
Jingle Bells — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
Jolly Old St. Nicholas — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
The Dreidel Song — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
Kwanzaa Celebration — Ensemble Demonstration.m4a (Winter Concert)
47. Baja Breeze.m4a
54. Rio Con Brio.m4a
58. Boil the Cabbage Down — Duet.m4a
65. I've Just Come From Sydney.m4a
71. Skill Builder_ Donkey Riding.m4a
72. Theme from _The Nutcracker_.m4a
78. Skill Builder.m4a
82. Orpheus in the Underworld_.m4a
84. Crescent Moon Rising.m4a
85. Skill Builder.m4a
88. Song of Remembrance.m4a
92. Skill Builder.m4a
96. When the Saints Go Marching In.m4a

97. Musette.m4a
98. Bella Bimba.m4a
104. Alouette.m4a
109. The Red Balloon_.m4a
110. Trumpet Voluntary — Duet.m4a
115. In the Bleak Midwinter — Duet.m4a
116. Theme from _Symphony No. 9_.m4a
117 March Across the Seas.m4a
118 Procession from _Water Music_.m4a
119 Banana Boat Song.m4a
120 Indigo Rock.m4a

Mamma Mia.mp3
12 The Clock Strikes.mp3
Fiesta Time (00-42146).mp3

Zombie Stomp.m4a